Spring is now well and truly on the way; longer days, bursting daffodils and a feeling of better wellbeing.

We think it’s one of the best seasons, and because of this, here are our top five tips for getting your spring garden ready for the blooms.

#1 General Tidy

A general tidy in preparation for the spring garden is the best place to start. Prune out dead branches from trees and shrubs then clear the dead leaves if you haven’t already done so. Get rid of anything you neither want nor need that is cluttering your outdoor space.

#2 Take care of the plants

Watering plants ready for summer

Many hands make light work

If you’re planning on rearranging your beds before the summer, now is the best time to do so while your shrubs haven’t yet leafed out. It’s nice to rearrange your beds once in a while as this will give your garden a different look for the coming year. Turn the soil with a fork or spade and get rid of all the weeds, digging deep down to pull up the root. Add fresh compost to the bed at least two weeks before planting new flora.

#3 Plant some veggies

Planting seeds ready for summer

Just wait for the shoots!

Now is a great time to plant some spring veg. Popular choices include spinach, peas, leeks and lettuce. Make sure you mulch over any early bulbs if you’re expecting frost.

#4 Horticultural oils

If you’ve got apple and pear trees in your garden, or even trees or shrubs that have a tendency to become overcome with pests, horticultural oils are a great and natural, pesticide free way to destroy such infestations. Now is also a great time to shape any of your trees or shrubs before they begin to leaf out.

#5 Clean your patio

It’s all well and good having pruned to perfection flowerbeds, but if the patio looks scruffy, this can have a big impact on the overall look of your garden. The patio area is a place where we will sit, dine and socialise around an outdoor table. So, make sure you get down on your knees and scrub the slabs. If you’ve got gravel, remove any little weeds and rake away the twigs and leaves.