A garden shed is actually a great way to introduce style to your garden and really add your stamp and own personal touch.

The older they are, the more character they possess so don’t go knocking it down if it’s showing its age. With a little TLC and a helping hand from La Hacienda’s range of wonderful garden décor, use our guide to revamp your old shed and give it a new lease of life.

Clear out

Begin your revamp by having a good clear out. You need to be completely ruthless and hard-hearted about this. Ask yourself whether you actually need that jam jar of rusty old screws or the old oily rags dumped in the corner.

Clean, clean, clean!

Once you have removed the junk, start the clean. Sweep the floor, blow away the cobwebs and clean the windows. If necessary, sand down the walls and add a lick of paint to brighten and really refresh the space. We suggest sticking with paler colours as they make the space appear and feel larger, lighter and more airy.

Garden sanctuary

Decide what you will use your shed for. If your shed is going to be your own little garden sanctuary, a place to relax and unwind in the summer evenings, add seating, heating, a little table and some soft furnishings.

Make it comfortable…

If your shed is for more practical reasons, think about storage. Add shelves and cupboards for organisation. Fix yourself a workbench, even if it is just a sheet of wood resting on a couple of crates. Try hanging fine nets from the ceiling. These are a great way to store your garden apples and potatoes once you pick ‘em and dig ‘em up!


Make it fun – make it yours!

For decoration and style, plant up some of your favourite flora in our super sleek and stylish Artevasi pots. They come in many different designs and colours from hanging baskets to small table top pots and extra large floor pots.  We have a wide range of fun and funky garden signs so there’s one to suit any shed. Add garden animals for a shed load of character, colour, charm and charisma.