Setting up your own outdoor cinema is a lot of fun during those warm summer months.

Give your party guests a real treat this summer and host your own outdoor cinema viewing in your garden. This can be done in multiple ways, and we suggest using a projector and projecting your movie onto a large screen or a white wall… Sit back, light your firepit, relax, then enjoy the movie… but… which movie?! Here are our top 5 suggestions…

#1 Into the Wild

A spellbinding movie, Into the Wild is a great film to watch outside. An adventurous drama based on a law student leaving college and travelling into the uncultivated hills and mountains of America, an outdoor setting is the only way to watch this wild film.

#2 Skyfall

Action-packed and a really interesting adventure, Skyfall is an attention grabbing film that should be played on those bigger screens! Perfect for an outdoor cinema night, you can ensure your guests don’t dose off half way through.

#3 Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia, here I go again! The classic Abba songs make this musical a must watch. Set in the small, picturesque Greek island of Skopelos, you can take your mind off the worries from the day and place yourself right in Greece.

#4 Grease

Summer lovin’, had me a blaaaaast! Who doesn’t love a bit of Grease!? The ultimate feel good summer movie. Experience romances, friendships and adventures from American high school students from the 1950s. Sing along and have fun.

#5 Cast Away

A superb Tom Hanks movie, Castaway has to be in our top 5. Thrilling, tense and adventurous, watch outside as Fed-Ex executive, Chuck Nolan survives 3 years on an uninhabitable island after a terrifying plane crash. Get involved by lighting the firepit then grilling up some tropical island style food while you sit back and enjoy the movie.