Going for a modern garden is an excellent and easy way to keep everything timeless. Clean lines, simple classic designs and light, airy spaces create the perfect outdoor space for you, your friends and your family to enjoy.

There are all kinds of tips and tricks you can use to employ to create a modern garden – no matter how big or small your space is. Here are some of our own tips for you to try:

#1 create a centrepiece

A patio centrepiece gives your outdoor space a focal point so why not choose one of our ultra contemporary pieces. Our Malmo chimenea is sleek and stylish and designed to be beautifully minimalistic. Gather round the fire, grab some blankets and throws and enjoy your modern garden even when the temperature drops.

#2 colour is king

Contemporary styling can also be achieved using colour of the flora. Having an array of colours in your garden may make it appear fussy and dated; so keep it simple with timeless classic shades. Choose lush greens, organic whites and one accent colour to create a chic and striking look.

#3 the two-tone technique

As modern spaces are limited in colour, a great and easy way to add interest and variation is to go two tonal. Choose a wooden garden fence and two tones of wood stain. Use the two tones to create simple patterns, adding texture and depth to your new contemporary garden.

#4 Light and airy areas

While the open plan trend is extremely popular for a contemporary look, this doesn’t mean you can’t create separate areas in your garden. The perfect way to do this is to utilise glass – it keeps the space airy and open whilst adding structure and creating a perfect place to kick back and relax.

#5 Clear the clutter

The ultimate way to achieve a contemporary look is to keep your space pure and simple. Weed your flowerbeds, sweep those patios and mow and edge that lawn to keep everything in tiptop shape. Remove any clutter from your garden such as old pots and dead plants. If you’re a garden paraphernalia hoarder, then invest in some simple storage to keep everything looking sharp, clean and tidy.