The late May bank holiday is approaching so why not plan a garden party whilst you have that extra day to recover or relax…

It’s simple – really simple. All you need to enjoy the May bank holiday is good music, good food, good drink and good friends. The perfect formula for a great garden party!

#1 Add decorations

Set the scene with lanterns

Decorate your party space with candles and lanterns placed on the table or patio. This sets a great party atmosphere with the shadows from the flames dancing across your party space. You could also add some bunting to the trees – a cheap and easy way to really enhance your decorations.

#2 Tunes, of course!

Choose some tunes that you think would fit with the majority of your guests. This will really help to set the mood and get your guests into the party spirit. It doesn’t have to be loud – soft music in the background allows you and your guests to make great conversation.

#3 Outdoor heating

67134 cardon chimenea

Keep the chill off!

Fire up your chimenea or firepit or switch on your electric heater to create a soft warm ambience by your garden gathering. The heat will keep your guests feeling toasty and comfortable so that you can make the most of your outdoor space all night long. Mesh chimeneas or firepits work particularly well for parties as you have a 360-degree view of the fire. Everyone can sit around the dancing flames together, relish the glow and reminisce.

#4 Food – essential

Don’t miss out on the party whilst you cater for your guests.  If your chimenea or firepit has a cooking grill, buy some tasty meat and or vegetables and cook barbecue style goodies whilst also enjoying the party. Guests who love the outdoors will also be delighted to be involved in the cooking, so why not try some mixed skewers that they can make and cook for themselves. What better way to enjoy a social gathering!

#5 Sweet treats

Once your savoury snacks are over, grab some toasting forks and toast marshmallows over the fire. A real favourite for those with younger ones and a treat they will remember for many years to come.

Check out our food and drink recipes for some inspiration.

Last but not least, kick back, relax and enjoy the outdoors with the people that matter to you the most.

Happy holiday!