The nights are lighter and the days are brighter so it’s time to spend time outdoors and enjoy the change in weather. Beer. Sun. Relax… Perfect! We know it can still be a little cold, though. So, with Father’s Day fast approaching, here are our picks for the top five patio heaters every man should own.

#1 Fire Globes

58085 africa fire globe

Designed to impress!

If you’re looking for something to really impress your lady, then a Fire Globe could very well be the answer. Why? Let us tell you… Our Fire Globes are the ultimate garden centrepieces that are designed for the jaw dropping reaction. When alight, their sheer majesty is revealed through impressive silhouettes that the girls are going to love.

#2 Mega Chimenea

Bigger is always better. Of course it is; that’s why our Mega chimenea exists! If you’re the man who wants a full on fire, the mega chimenea is definitely the one for you. Fully constructed from cast iron, it’s incredibly durable and stands at an impressive 2m tall. Coming complete with a cast iron cooking grill, imagine the size of the barbecue feast you could create for you and your friends… Your outdoor party needn’t end before it’s begun…

#3 Pittsburgh Large

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No fuss, just fire!

Industrial. Raw. Manly. That’s our large Pittsburgh. No fuss, just fire! Its heavy gauge steel construction is robust and highly durable so you can burn all night long.

#4 Sierra Jumbo

The Sierra Jumbo is the ultimate man’s chimenea. If you want something of substantial size, but the Mega is just a tad too big for your back garden, then the Sierra is a fantastic alternative. Big, sturdy and of course comes with the essential cooking grill, be the barbecue fire king of your outdoor party.

#5 The Lorenzo

Smoke, grill and cook pizzas in the Lorenzo for the ultimate multi-functional outdoor cooking experience. From big pizzas to succulent joints of roasted and smoked meat, cook up a full storm after a big game of rugby and refuel your muscles – alfresco!