Check out our top five beers that are amazing around a warming outdoor fire in celebration of International Beer Day.

It’s International Beer Day and it certainly goes without saying that we should all sit back ‘n’ take a long swig of our favourite ice cold beer this evening. After all, it is Friday and we certainly have that familiar Friday feeling here at La Hacienda.

These are our top five firepit beers, and they’re definitely ones to try when relaxing around the fire…

#1 Desperados – OriginaL

Fire up the Mexican spirit with La Hacienda and an ice cold Desperados beer. Containing Tequila, this beer is a perfect Friday night treat. Light and refreshing with sweet lemony pangs, this is a full bodied lager and has to be our number one firepit beer.

#2 Doombar

Being the UK’s best-selling bottled beer, if you haven’t tried this one, you’re certainly missing out. As a Cornish seaside treat, crack open a bottle, put your feet up, fire up the firepit then meditate your way to a white sandy tropical beach. Friday relaxation just got a whole lot better…

#3 Stroud Brewery

Local to Stroud? We are and there’s no beer as organic and consistent as Stroud Brewery beers. Brewed in their custom designed craft brewery, you won’t find anything that is as quality tasting as this beer. With locally grown barley from Cotswold farmers who produce one of the highest quality malting barleys in the UK, you’re in for a real treat if you swig on this during beer day.

#4 Punk IPA

An arresting eruption of sweet, tropical and bitter flavours, IPA’s Punk blend is a real Friday beer. It’s plain and simple… Get celebrating International Beer Day with a bottle of this exceptionally great stuff!

#5 Sierra Nevada

Natural, organic with no additives, Sierra Nevada is an exceptional tasting beer and made from only the finest malted barley, hops, yeast and pure water. Gather round the fire, sip this bottle of liquid gold then reminisce, relax and socialise with the people who you love  the most.

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