It’s summertime and here comes the fine weather perfect for alfresco dining. There’s nothing quite like curling up on a blanket under the sun, or even stars, then nibbling your way through a hamper of tasty treats. We love being outside, and we love alfresco dining, so here’s our guide to hosting the perfect garden picnic.

#1 Set the scene

Grab your blankets, as many as you need, then lay them down on your lawn, park or field in a desired place. Bring some cushions to pop behind your head when relaxing on the blankets. If it’s a hot and sunny day, you may want to choose somewhere shady to keep yourself a bit cooler during the hotter hours of the day.

#2 Tasty treats

Quick & easy tasty treats

Prepare the nibbles you want to take. This could be a fine selection of cheeses and crusty bread or dips and crisps. Pack all your goodies tight into a cool box to keep them fresh and tasty all day long.

#3 Chill ‘n’ grill

If you have a two-piece clay chimenea with a cooking grill, why not take some food to grill? Perfect for those garden picnics. However, if you’re planning a trip further afield, the La Hacienda Camping firepit is portable and comes with a grill and carry bag.

#4 Take your tunes

Taking some music along is always a nice addition to any outdoor occasion so be sure to pack your portable speakers. Don’t have any? Make a homemade speaker! If you have music on a smartphone, you can place your phone into a pint glass that will amplify the tunes!

#5 Fire a Frisbee

Bringing a ball or a Frisbee gives you the option to have a little run around. It will break up the day and help you burn off your picnic grazing!