Mirrors in the home give the impression of more space, amplify the light and add a touch of class with exceptional ease.

So why not achieve this in your garden too?

Garden mirrors can stylishly enhance your garden whether it’s a small courtyard or has flowing, large lawns. Our alluring arched mirrors are the perfect outdoor accessories to add charm and create the illusion of a gateway to an enchanted secret garden. Here are some of our own tips to ensure you get the most from your garden mirror…Garden MirrorTry angling your garden mirrors. Tilt them facing up, down or to the side so that there is no direct reflection when walking towards them. This helps create the illusion of an opening into another space.

Taller or floor length garden mirrors are great for adding height. They boast status with their large and long shape, drawing the eye up the mirror, carrying it around the space.

Not all garden mirrors have to be hung on walls or fences. Get creative and place your mirror amongst the flora. Make it secure so it doesn’t topple over. Grow climbers up and around your mirror creating the feeling of ultimate enchantment and mystical magic in the wild greenery of your garden. By covering the edges of the mirror with budding and botanical plants, it then becomes part of the scenery and blends into your garden harmoniously.

Choose one of our gothic, arch shaped garden mirrors to add some majestic grandeur. These work particularly well giving the appearance of a window from a beautiful and impressive building.


Looking for more inspiration?

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