British winter – sigh. You know how it is. Constant rain, dark evenings and drab and dreary foliage in the garden.

The colours in the trees and flowers may be lacking, so now is the time to really appreciate the birds and the vibrant colours they bring to your garden… So, as it’s Bird Day today, here are five great birds to look out for in your garden.Decor Metal animal garden outdoor style gift


A bright crimson face with bold gold and yellow wings, the Goldfinch certainly brings a dose of vibrancy to our gardens. Now we’re well into the winter season, the Goldfinch rapidly turns to a feeder. Seen in approximately 3 out of 5 gardens, these birds becoming more popular and easier to spot so pop out a bird feeder and listen to their twittering calls.

Blue Tit

55482 british birds

See how many you can name

A colourful combination of blue, yellow, green and white, the blue tit is one of our most distinguishable garden birds. In the winter, they’ll visit your garden in groups on the hunt for food so keep an eye out for their prepossessing plumage.

Green Woodpecker

55482 british birds

Listen for the drumming sound!

Spotted all year round, these woodpeckers are the largest of the three woodpeckers that breed in Britain. With an unmistakeable green body, yellow rump and radiant red head, keep your eyes peeled for their bold bodies and bouncing flight. You may also see the green woodpecker hopping around on your lawn. Short grass provides excellent feeding opportunities for them! Otherwise, they’ll be pecking holes in dead wood so listen for that fast drumming sound.


Small yet highly distinctive, the kingfisher has beaming blue and orange plumage and is usually found by slow moving water. If you have a sufficient size pond, be sure to keep an eye out for these birds. As they’re now amber listed, they’re becoming less and less common so you should feel privileged if you spot one!


The Robin is the UK’s favourite bird. Small, bulbous with a ravishing red breast, they sing all year round – even at night next to street lights! Their cute and charming appearance make these little birds a warmly welcomed garden visitor all year round.


Pictured: Handmade and hand-painted mixed, classic British bird range items by La Hacienda.