Well, it’s here. Bonfire night! The night where we gather with friends and family around blazing bonfires. Children play and write their names with sparklers and the fireworks pop, whizz and bang an explosion of decoration in the night sky…

We just love any outdoor occasion. And we truly believe that these moments are the ones to cherish. Making them different and memorable is so important to ensure these stay with you forever.

Sure, many of you will go to firework displays and enjoy the night amongst fellow firework fans. But this year, why not host your own Guy Fawkes celebration at home in your garden? If you already have a firepit or chimenea, now is the time to fire up the fun… Dancing flames, the heat from a real wood fire, food and sparklers are all you need for a memorable night with family or friends!

We’ve got some top bonfire night banger snacks that are perfect for cooking over the open flame and that will satisfy all your friends and family, as well as getting them involved in making and toasting their own tasty treats…

#1 The Catherine Wheel

A sweet and savoury grilled delight, the Crackling Catherine Wheel is a banger everyone will love. You’ll need some skewers (if using wooden ones make sure you soak them in water first), thin smokey streaky bacon strips, pineapple rings and a cheddar cheese of your choice.

Method: Chop your cheese into thin squares and place over your pineapple ring avoiding covering the hole in the middle. Take your bacon strips and wrap these around the pineapple rings, encasing the cheese. Slide the ring onto a skewer and grill until the pineapple is warm, the cheese is melting and the bacon is cooked and crispy. If desired, add your favourite sauce to make it that bit hotter!

#2 The Popper Rocket

The Marshmallow Popper is a sweet poppin’ treat, perfect for roasting over the fire. You’ll need some long marshmallow twists along with some triangular ones to pop on a skewer (soak wooden skewers in water first). You’ll also need a bowl brimming with popping candy!

Method: Just like the Whizz Twist below, push the marshmallow vertically onto the skewer until it pops through the other end. Add more marshmallows to the skewer and finish with a triangular piece to creat your ‘rocket’. Grill over the heat of the fire until the marshmallow melts and becomes sticky. Remove, dunk into the poppin’ candy and nibble for a banging treat!Zanga firepit

#3 The Chocolate Sparkler

You can get really creative with this one! Fruit is fab for this as there is huge variety in terms of colour and shape. We recommend strawberries, blueberries, grapes and squares of melon. You’ll also need skewers, lots of chocolate and a bowl full of hundreds and thousands.

Method: Create your design any way you wish with the fruit you have chosen. Try to make shapes that resemble rockets and whizzy fireworks to keep the theme for your bonfire night gathering. In a fire safe saucepan, heat up the cream over the fire then add the chocolate. Once melted, dunk your fruit skewer into the chocolate and then the tip straight into the hundreds and thousands.

#4 The Sizzling Spud Spinner

A savoury classic bonfire night snack is of course the baked potato. Our Super Sizzling Spud Spinner is perfect for your outdoor gathering. You may want to prep this one just before your guests arrive.

Method: To get the Spinners going, pierce the potatoes with a fork and place in your oven for 20 minutes to soften. You’re going to need a spiralizer for this one but if you don’t have one, create your own colourful fillings. Once they have softened (but not fully cooked) wrap in foil and using heat resistant gloves carefully place in the embers of the fire in your firepit or chimenea. Whilst they continue to cook, create your filling. Using the spiralizer, twizzle curly pieces of cucumber and carrot. Chop spring onions into little pieces, along with tomato, avocado and fresh coriander. Whilst the potato cooks in the embers, grill a hot dog. Place the hotdog and all the toppings into your potato once cooked, add a dollop of soured cream, squeeze together, tuck in and enjoy!

#5 The Whizz Twist

For the Whizz Twist, you’ll need some long skewers and some cookie dough. A bit of prepping in the kitchen is needed for this one, but it’s a great campfire treat and works so well over a real wood fire.

Prep: Before your Guy Fawkes gathering, bake some pecans until golden. Leave these to cool. While the pecans are cooling, bring maple syrup, cinnamon sticks and orange peel to as simmer in a saucepan over a medium heat. Let cool completely then remove the cinnamon sticks and orange peel from the mix. Chop the pecans finely then stir into the mix. Transfer the sauce to a container ready for later.

Method: Roll out pieces of the cookie dough between your hands until it is roughly 10 inches long. Proceed to wrap this around your skewers tightly so it doesn’t come off. If using wooden skewers, remember to soak in water prior to toasting. Carefully Hold over the heat of the wood fire until toasted and a golden brown. Please be cautious so that you do not burn your hands and keep flammable items and clothing well away from the fire. We always recommend using heat resistant gloves. Dip into your premade mix of pecans and maple syrup, pass around and enjoy the warmth and sweetness of this campfire creation.

Children must be supervised by an adult if involved in cooking and should not be left unattended whilst the firepit/chimenea is alight or hot. At all times use heat resistant gloves when handling the unit or cooking.

Please take extreme care this bonfire night, around the fire, when using sparklers and setting off fireworks.