Come on. Admit it. You love a campfire as much as we do…

Whether you’re in the garden, on the beach or camping in the sticks, a campfire unquestionably makes the whole experience a million times better, and as the camping season creeps up, many of us start to get the gear out. Tents, roll mats, sleeping bags and portable stoves all begin to make an appearance. Camping is so enjoyable, and so relaxing. If you do it right, that is…

And that’s why we love to provide you with ideas for when you’re away from the home comforts that would usually help you wind down at night.

If you’ve got a smaller firepit that you take camping, or even a camping firepit, then these fireside cocktails are just the ticket for you and your friends to unwind in the heat of the flames.

#1 Smortini!

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Chocolatey, gooey goodness!

For the Ladies: Mmmm, this is so good! Come on ladies, what’s nicer than white chocolate liqueur, chocolate syrup, cream and marshmallow vodka? Nothing, right? To make this, start by dipping the glass in chocolate sauce, then into biscuit crumbs. Combine 1 measure of marshmallow vodka, white chocolate liqueur and cream and mix with whatever’s handy! Then grab a marshmallow, pop it on a toasting fork and roast it over the campfire. Once soft and gooey, pop into the smortini, sit back, swig and savour!

#2 Tom Collins

For the Men: Purely gin, lemon juice and a bit of sugar, the Tom Collins is smooth and sweet and has to be in our top favourite fireside cocktails. Even though it’s named after some random guy that nobody knows, it’ll put some bass in your voice and hair on your chest! Have this on the rocks and warm up your feet by the fire!

#3 Marshmallow Baileys

For the Ladies: Sweet, marshmallowey, gooey, goodness. That’s these marshmallow Baileys cups. Make them over the fire by toasting the outside on a skewer, then scooping out the gooey centre and filling it with Baileys. De-lish!

#4 The Rusty Nail

For the Men: A fireside cocktail that’s as hard as nails is the Rusty Nail itself! Pure Scotch whisky and Drambuie straight on the rocks… Strong!  Apparently, the Scots used to stir this drink with a rusty nail. Perfect next to the campfire, let it warm your insides and the fire warm your outsides.


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