As humans, we love cooking over a real wood fire – the way cooking has been done for hundreds of thousands of years.

Some Science…

There’s no doubt that outdoor cooking brings out the primitive side in all of us. After all, it’s how we evolved. Apparently, anthropologists believe that without cooked food, our brains would never have evolved into what they are today. We get approximately 30% more energy from food that is cooked, which comes as no surprise that fire played a huge role in primeval man developing and feeding an evolving brain. The evolution of the human brain is inarguably one of the most amazing transformations in life on Earth. We come from the animal kingdom, but now we are more powerful and incredibly clever. We should probably thank fire…

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Unleash your primitive side!

Despite the fact that food undeniably tastes better when cooked outside over a wood fire, many of us, even in the summer months, will spend meal times in the kitchen, cooking, eating and entertaining. Not only does a wood fire give us great food, it gives us opportunities to gather round and socialise in radiating warmth – yes, even in January!


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A wood fire creates a focal point

Creating a fire and cooking over one gives the feeling of adventure. It gives us the sense of being totally free, out in the wilderness and away from modern day stresses and technology. Even if it is outside in your garden. However, there are so many of us who don’t make the most of the outdoors… So get outside and create a campfire. Do some cooking. Gather round. Enjoy the warmth. Be an adventurer. You’ll be surprised at such joy a natural element can bring.