There’s nothing better than positivity, warmth and happiness in your home and garden. If you’re nodding in agreement, keep reading as these tips will help you enhance and direct positive chi (energy) throughout your home.

These tips are based on the ancient Chinese tradition, Feng Shui (which literally means wind-water), and it is becoming more and more popular in western culture. Put simply – it’s the art of creating perfect harmony at home, encouraging warmth, happiness and positivity. It’s a great concept, especially for us as we’re usually running around our day to day activities, whether that’s with work or the children.

So, let’s work through some simple Feng Shui ideals…


When enjoying your patio for outdoor dining, cooking or socialising, think about your patio table – the place where you, your friends and family will sit together and converse. A round table will encourage a great community, while a square table fosters stability and a rectangular one inspires lively discussion.

Firefire, science, wood fire, cooking, outdoors, eating, la hacienda

Fire is the most powerful of all Feng Shui elements and it provides light and warmth – just like that of the sun. Bring opportunity, dreams, aspirations, achievement, happiness, longevity and festivity into your garden with a firepit.

Paint your front dooR

Positive energy needs a gateway to flow in, so let’s start with your front door. According to Feng Shui, if your front door is black, it invites bad luck into your home. Though if it faces north – you’re safe as this is only applicable if your door faces east, south or west! For south facing doors, try orange or red. For east, you’ll want shades of brown or green and for west, use white or grey.

Vibrant life sources

Plants. Flowers. Trees. Whichever of these you desire, adding nature’s touch to your home will help you feel fresh and relaxed.

Elephant figurines

55618 elephant

Gentle giants of the world

In many cultures, these gentle giants are deemed the most caring and protective animals on planet Earth. Any elephant figurine, placed specifically by your front door brings good luck, wisdom and strength to your household.

Arrange your furniture

It is believed that if you arrange your furniture in your living area in a circular formation, it will encourage an even flow of chi. This circular arrangement needs to be positioned so that anyone in any seat can see who’s entering the room.

The Buddha

55608 flocked buddha


Placing a Buddha in your home can help to attract positive chi, however, there are specific rules to follow. Never place a Buddha in your kitchen or bathroom and you should avoid placing the Buddha below eye level. Place the Buddha facing the main front door on a table as the statue can help to neutralise negative chi, transforming it from harmful to lucky energy. If you have a meditation space in your garden, this is an ideal space for a Buddha statue to work magic.