It's Earth Day so here's a great tip for helping your plants.

Using the wood ash from the bottom of your chimenea or firepit will be full of essential nutrients that will help your plants thrive. Seeing as it’s Earth Day, here are a few pointers if you want to add vital nutrients to your flowerbeds so as to help them thrive.


  • Do not use too much ash as this will result in an excess of alkaline.
  • Before using in your flowerbeds, remove any debris so you have a nice soft consistency of ash.
  • Avoid breathing the ash dust in – take care and wear a dust mask
  • Spread evenly over the bed then proceed by turning the ash into the soil.
  • Only use untreated wood or logs as treated timber may contain harmful residues.


  • Ash from young and sappy wood contains a great amount of potassium.