Do you have an old clay chimenea that you’re about to get rid of? Well, cease fire.

We’ve got some ideas that will help you give your chimenea a new lease of life. What’s more, it will look fabulous in your garden…

Chimenea revival begins at the very basics…

If your chimenea is looking a tad scruffy, give it a good clean by rubbing down with a wire brush. If you’re not planning to continue to use your chimenea as a patio heater, buy some spray chalk paint to give it a lick of your favourite colour. You could try painting some patterns or pictures over the body and flue to add your own creative and artistic stamp to your garden.  Once you’re happy, leave to dry and place amongst your foliage or in the desired area.

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A unique plant display

Use your chimenea as a unique plant pot. Place some soil in the bottom, then plant your favourite flowers. Watch them grow up the flue and out through the mouth. Climbers will work particularly well, clinging, wrapping and twirling their way round the shape of your clay chimenea and sprouting out the top like a flickering flame. You could even add some outdoor fairy lights to wrap amongst the foliage and create your own chimenea lantern.

If the plant pot approach doesn’t take your fancy, why not use your chimenea as a bird bath? Turn the lid upside down and fill with a small amount of fresh water for the little birds to splash around in. You could even combine the idea of a plant pot with a bird bath but don’t forget to water your plants if rain water cannot enter down the flue.

In addition to a bird bath, you could also create your own insect hotel. They’re very simple to make and can be assembled from recycled materials such cardboard tubes or hollow reeds or bamboo. Create a little shelter for the creepy crawlies to keep warm and dry all year round and get eco-friendly use out of your old clay chimenea.