An autumn garden can look amazing if you take the time out to provide it with a little TLC. The leaves are turning from green to orange and now is the time to get your garden ship shape for the colder months ahead. Here at La Hacienda, we have a few ideas to help you with the process… Honestly, they’re so quick and simple…

The facts

58240 fasa firepit autumn

The oxidised appearance will continue to mellow over time

So, let’s start with the facts. The temperature is dropping and the nights are drawing in meaning that after a long day at work, we now have less time to get outside and sort the garden. Here’s where La Hacienda come in. Outdoor heating is not just for keeping the chill off during those summer soirees…

We have the answers

The best thing about modern day firepits, chimeneas or even electric heaters is that they enable you to make the most of your outdoor space all day, all night and all year…

Think autumn colours and autumn weather. Orange tones, chilly air and sometimes rain showers. We have the answer – the Fasa firepit. It’s great for the autumn months (and even winter) because it has a naturally rusted and oxidised finish. This means a.) no maintenance because its designed to look rusty and b.) deep beautiful orange tones to compliment those autumnal colours. Adding a deep orange rustic and organic firepit to your garden will set alight the warm tones that you’ll see emerge over the coming weeks. Fire it up and and enjoy!

Time to work


The perfect time to play conkers

Once you’re toasty and your firepit is flaming away, it’s time to get out with the old and in with the new. Weed your flowerbeds to give them a new lease of life then remove all the dead plants. Now is a prime time to plant up as the ground is still warm from the summer. Doing the hard work now means you can relax come the spring and enjoy all your new and budding beautiful flora. Let’s be honest, as much as we all love gardening and looking after our flowers, who wants to dig around weeding when you could be enjoying the fragrant smells of the lush flowers when the crisp spring days arrive?

Tips  of the day

If you’re using wood in your firepit, remember you can use the ash from this to work into your flowerbed. It’ll provide extra nutrients for your new little buds.

One main thing to remember throughout the autumn is to keep on top of the falling leaves. While they’re insanely beautiful with the fiery orange, yellow and red tones, once they start to break down, you’re going to be left with thick brown sludge… not so insanely beautiful…

Straight ‘n’ simple

Woodland animalsGive your whole garden a straight ‘n’ simple clean and tidy. Sweep the patio, cut back the bushes, then wash down the path and mow the lawn. Ever thought of adding any figurines or outdoor decor? Why not – it’s still part of your home so why neglect it? Woodland creatures are a great addition for autumn and winter. Their natural tones will complement the rough and ready look of your autumn garden, and you may even be able to attract some real creatures to enjoy your garden as well.

Show and tell

Send us in a picture of your autumn garden. We would love to see what you’ve been up to…