Ever wondered what you can you do with all the ash from burning wood in your outdoor firepit, chimenea or campfire?

Wood Ashes

If you’ve got a fireplace or firepit full of wood ashes and would like to find a more useful purpose for them than simply tossing them in the bin, read on!

Here are 15 great uses for ash you may never have considered

1. A simple paste of ash and water is an effective way to remove stains from furniture. Ash has been known to remove stains from clothing too. To treat stains in clothing, add a bit of ash and rub it with the white of bread after about 5 minutes.

2. Ash is an effective odour treatment. Simply sprinkle some over smelly areas like the cat box.

3. To remove odours from a refrigerator, simply put a plate of charcoal ash inside. Turn the charcoal over regularly until the smell is gone.

4. Ash has been used for many years in farming. It effectively recycles natural nutrients back into the earth. It can also be used as compost base but does not include nitrogen. As a basic element, in increases the PH level of soil which can help select plants grow. Avoid ash-based fertiliser with potatoes, however.

5. Ash strengthens plants that love calcium such as tomatoes, beans, spinach, peas, avocados, garlic, and vineyard plants. You can also add 1/4 cup ash before planting roses for impressive results.

6. Adding one spoon of ash per 1000L of water strengthens underwater plants.

7. A thin layer of ash protects plants from frost in the winter.

8. Slugs and snails are among garden pests that hate ash if you add it around plants.

9. Putting ash on an ant colony will force them to relocate, as they can’t move the ash.

10. Putting ash in the corners of your house or in dark spots of your basement will help deter mice, rats, cockroaches, and other nuisance animals.

11. Ash repels lice, ticks, and fleas from pets. Make a paste of ash and vinegar and spread it over the fur for a slightly messy but very effective treatment.

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12. By adding ash to stored clothing, you can repel clothing moths without the nasty smell of mothballs. Safe for years, ash covered clothing can simply be shaken off and washed when ready for use.

13. Charcoal collected from ash is a popular filter material. NB. Water and Blurry wine can be filtered through charcoal.

14. In metal bins, charcoal can be used to remove humidity from basements, cabinets, and under sinks.

15. A layer of ash can be used to protect and preserve food by deterring insects from stored seeds and produce.

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